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the way car buying should be.
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it is 70 degrees and humid at the top of this hour, sharon keeping your eye on traffic. marty is over with a lot on his plate. >> let's take a look at how this day is going to square away. what we're going to see is sunshine. what we're going to feel increase in humidity. dew point is up 4 degrees from yesterday.
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the record is 99. 70 -- it's going to be a really steammy hot day. i think we're going to have plenty to talk about on this 53rd day of temperatures above 90. here is first warning, nothing showing in the area right now, clear scan, but note offshore we can already start to put the track of earl even on first warning a complete update for you. 5:00 observation national hurricane center coming up shortly, don, take it away. >> here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> nothing too major, just a few minor issues, some downed wires you'll want to watch for those on old new york road possible lane closures road reporter checking out that situation. meantime we're here disabled vehicle on 5:43. here is a look at your drive time and speeds top of the beltway still running at full speed without any issues and a
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live look at 29 at maryland 32. no problems on the beltway at bell air road there's a look at 95 at 395. remember wjz3 is -- 13 is always on. back over to you. >> thank you, we're all watching this morning all eyes on hurricane earl as the lower east coast is seeing some strong surf, a swimmer along the outer banks from north carolina had to be rescued yesterday sucked under by rip current. tourists are being asked. category 3 storm. here is mike with more with people here what people in maryland are doing to prepare for us. >> rough surf and waves and ocean city are only a preview of what's to come, earl plowing through the caribbean and roaring ahead up the eastern seaboard expected to come close to maryland. >> we're monitoring the situation very closely. we have a heightened awareness, should it be necessary, we'll
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take protective mitigation efforts. >> this hurricane is very likely on the current track going to affect the beaches of ocean city and probably cause a lot of erosion and fair amount of damage. >> the governor says he's been in close contact with ocean city's mayor and decision should come by tomorrow on whether the town which will swell for quarter million people will be evacuated. >> we have to be on guard these storms can do a lot of damage. >> in 2003 the powerful his bell left $1 billion in damage in its wake. >> it was terrible. >> darrell lived through it. one of the hardest hit areas for more than 200 homes were destroyed. he is also watching for any potential flooding from earl. >> what's going to happen is going to happen, hopefully we're prepared for it. >> preparations are underway to put critical people in supplies in place. >> we encourage folks to be prepared at any time, of course with this storm coming there's
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no better time than now to check your supplies and do you have emergency plan. >> a slight change in track can make a huge difference in such a powerful storm that could have damaging impact on maryland. >> nobody wants to scare people away without reason, but at the same time in a few hours i think we'll have the information we need so we can advise people with one view and one view only and that is what is best for the public safety. >> the federal government is also helping coordinate the emergency response through fema which is in close contact from the white house. wjz eyewitness news. >> marty will have the latest projections coming up in just a few minutes. we urge you to stay with us for the latest. to track the storm and get constant updates, go to now a drug empire run from here in m m.d. three people under arrest in connection with a heroin distribution ring linked to one of the most outrageous shootings in recent memory.
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here is more on that. good morning andrea. >> reporter: prosecutors have linked this alleged drug kingpin to $10 million in assets as well as several acts of violence. a heroin ring stretching from maryland to new york all the way to the dominican republic. at the center prosecutors say is this man, 26-year-old steven blackwell of earl ton. >> this is case involved of a task force that resulted in charges in indictment. >> blackwell was indicted along with two others in connection with running that ring. there are 34-year-old carter of -- and 24-year-old joy edison of earl ton. their drug operation stretches back seven years. >> i can't give you all the details of what led to the arrest it was the result of this under cover investigation. >> six different law enforcement agencies were called in to put these arrests together from the united states
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attorney to the fbi to baltimore city police and prosecutors. one of the first known instances of violence happened in april 2008 when rival dealers abducted blackwell's two young brothers from their home. blackwell apparently paid half million dollars to free them. he's then accused of retaliating with a fatal shooting in east bolt more then a year later gunmen opened fire at backyard barbecue nearby. authorities now want to seize $10 million in assets from the trio which include $740,000 home he owns on the river. >> the goal here is to make sure they don't profit at all. >> reporter: all three defendants could face up to life in prison on just the drug charge alone. the defendants are linked to two real estate companies that own 5 properties in this
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city. calls for change at the university of maryland park after the maryland game, 28 students were arrested and four prince georgias county police officers were suspended after video like this surfaced. now as everyone returns to class they will be welcomed by the city with community wide celebration, including the police department. >> i think the difference will be that there won't be criminal misconduct, there won't be a clash with the police and the students and we'll be able to celebrate safely. >> preparations for this year duke game including hosing down dumpsters in advance to prevent fires and also trying to prevent local bars and convenient stores from selling glass containers. the majority of the charges have been dropped in recent months. and over all he's raised more than 2 and a half million.
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however that doesn't come close to the governor's total of 6.7 million. he says he's attracted more individual donors. turning to sports, the orioles end the month of august on the high note. they beat down on the boston red sox last night scoring two runs. the orioles starter brian will have his third straight impressive outings allowing two runs on the night. orioles win 5-2 and have the best august record in the american league. is ravens have picked up a new player who knows this area pretty well. the team acquired josh wilson from the seattle seahawks in exchange for conditional draft pick in 2011. wilson started 12 games for seattle last season was expected to be their starting corner back this year. ironically wilson played with the ravens dominic fox worth who's preseason injury has cleared up space for wilson. ravens for regular season game
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is now weekend half away. you can watch the rains and jets live right here. that special coverage kicks off monday september 13th at 6:30. again, live right here wjz13. of course we've got the ravens playing the st. louis rams thursday night final preseason game. my only hope is we got out of it any injury i couldn't care less, they could lose that game 2,000-3. i couldn't care less. when i tell you when we're in crunch time in december we've got play offs looming, i guarantee you, the fact that we played the rams will rank no higher than no. 23 on my who cares list. so, you know,. >> preseason. he'll be out for a couple of weeks.
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you know, ultimately who wins is who is healthy. you can charge this back for years. >> we always talk about it. >> you can give them the oh, yeah you're three deep next man up. i know the guy who is like sitting on the bench was probably the greatest player on his team, maybe the best in his conference. this level nfl works at. having said that, if somebody better than him on that field. you follow what i'm saying? >> sure. >> it's whoever is the healthiest. okay. i'll calm myself by. take a look at the forecast for today. i want to get by thursday, i want to get by friday. i want to get by earl. i want to get by foana. i want to get by busting the record of days over 90. it is going to be hot and noticeably more humid than yesterday. the record is 99. i've got to tell you, i think a
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lot of us will get to 99, all that counts is what is the temperature vwi marshall. that's where the record is kept. i'm telling you yesterday afternoon about 4:00 i was down on key highway. my car thermometer which is darn accurate said 102. >> black top is a wonderful thing. >> my armpits said 118. let's go to mike. >> it's gorgeous morning, slightly more humid than the past couple of mornings. we're on a dock next to the constellation, what's going on. >> there's constellation, look over here. fancy guys with the, you know, back braid on their top. guys dressed and ladies end cap, thank you. the war of 1812 and they are going to show you how you would fire a gun that could launch a project tile a mile away.
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that's pretty cool, huh? >> yeah. >> you want to see it happen. i think you're going to have to wait then, right? so we'll be back when eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as we click over 6, marty is in the weather center. >> approaching the record for days over 90, second is going to be the tropical activity offshore, both will play into this. right off the bat it's almost 70 degrees downtown, we've got 96 today. it's going to feel a lot stuffier than the past two days. 87% humidity. now let's talk about the barometer this plays into hurricane earl tropical storm fiona. yesterday the barometer was at 30/20. now it has fallen to 3007 high pressure giving us the sunshine the heat is starting to break down. that's going to allow a front to come in from the west which is going to attempt to help steer earl away from our shores. we'll see how successful that's going to be in a second.
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hagerstown and downtown. 76 in the district, 68 earl ton. 69 west minister and columbia. so here is this big dome of high pressure. look behind me. now we're starting to see some movement. this is good size front that's sitting out over the upper plane states. it is going to be moving our way. by friday it's going to be north of the region. when you look at big geographic area, i think globally. it's close enough to start exerting influence on earl. let's talk specifically about earl in a second. this day we go to 96 degrees. clear skies, 64. tomorrow we tie the record. record of days above 90 in this city well it goes back to 1988. tomorrow will be the 54th day temperatures above 90. now let's look at the five day. once we get to friday, there is a potential right now that in
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baltimore can be partly sunny and 92 that will be the new record. there's still a lot of question marks friday's forecast because of earl. one thing is for sure, once he passes it's going to get sunny it's going to get cooler. temperatures are going to go with low 80s. we're close to labor day weekend. 81, 80 and 82 degrees. now let's specifically talk about hurricane earl. first off we've got bad air quality because of the heat in the region this day. take a look down to the south. state of virginia is now put hurricane watch in effect for their border all the way up to the border of maryland. earl at 5:00 was downgraded to cat 3 storm. winds from 145 to 127 but the computer is positive it's going back to cat 4 as it hits the warm gulf stream. we'll see winds increase again to 140 miles per hour at the 11:00 update. remember everything i'm telling
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you is from 5:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. we're starting, though, to move the cone of the projected cone of travel a bit offshore. let's take a closer look at this. the grays, the glancing blow is going to be the north carolina the outer banks, if you will. yesterday that yellow wall, i think that red wall, if you will, but kind over the dome. what i'm getting ready to show you is called the spaghetti model. this is really cool. here is earl. what you're saying, we'll go back to that in just a second. what you're seeing right here is all the computer models on one display you can see if they're trending in the same direction. the trend is a bit offshore only two bring earl inland. their safety in numbers. numbers say it's going to be slightly offshore. now we deal with fiona that's
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going to danielle staying out in the center of the ocean. by the end of the weekend you're going to have both storms up here. imagine the swells from virginia beach frankly all the way up through long island. so once the storm passes, now we have another set of issues because of tropical weather just southeast of the mid atlantic at this time. wow, it's busy. don, take it away. >> here drive here with sharon. >> fortunately not so busy on the road. we have a few minor problems. we have confirmed we do have some downed wires and they are blocking old york road. we also have that disabled vehicle on 543 at route 22. there is a look at your drive times and speed starting to see some very minor delays down to 53 miles per hour with 12 minute drive time there. there's aloof like at 95. traffic still light.
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everything running smoothly on the topside. same goes for 29 at maryland 32. traffic support brought to you. toyota buy right the first time toyota moving forward. back over to you, don. >> back out to mike. good morning, pal, how are you. >> nice. >> hey good. it's not often we get rear admiral here. i'd like to shake the humidity off my hand and say welcome scott thank you for coming here. part of navy week. navy week is an opportunity for us to engage the public and give them a sense of what their need is doing on day-to-day basis. >> pretty cool. port city we're one of 20 we're going to have navy weeks this year. >> baltimore is one of them and very successful. the city has been nothing but hospitalble to us and we really appreciate. >> we're going to get back to you in a second. now we're going to go over executive officer from uss constitution, a boat very similar to our constellation,
6:22 am
good morning mr. savage. >> good morning. >> reporter: what sort of demonstration have you brought with us today? >> we have brought with us 24- pound long gun we'll be conducting a gun drill in real time. >> reporter: in real time? >> this is what they would have done if they needed a fire and they're going to begin narrate. >> first thing they i do keep the gun deck entirely silent so 200 sailors can hear what's going on. once they do that, they run a sponge down the gun to extinguish any burning ambers. then they'll start by put health care in a cartridge. they follow that up with wadding, a 24-pound shot, more wadding they tamp that down to make sure it doesn't role out. >> reporter: those guys will be hanging over the edge of window firing window there even though the boat will be going up and
6:23 am
down? >> that's correct. they'll be hanging out the gun port. now they will heed the gun out in preparation for actual firing, a gun could be elevated and trained for more precise firing. >> reporter: they're going to elevate it? >> they're going to elevate it and put an apron on top of it to avoid accidental discharge and then fire. >> reporter: wow. pretty neat, huh? can you see the sign. so i was asking earlier, how far can this gun go, they said a mile. to my nature i don't know how far a mile is i looked over and said, can it go through the dominoes sugar sign? it absolute laical. you can put a hole right through the sign if the ball was flying right. >> that ball can go through 2 feet of oak. >> reporter: you guys are going to be down here all day doing
6:24 am
this? >> we're going to be here for a couple times in the afternoon. >> reporter: so 2:00 and 4:00? >> yes. >> reporter: thank you all. we appreciate it. protocol says you've got to go over and say good-bye. thanks much for bringing everybody down. have a good week this week. please come out and see what we have navy has to offer, engage our sailors, they're great young men and women serving our country today. >> reporter: you may see the would be island it is a large deck ship. it's sailing out today. if you see a large gray ship leaving, that's it. , right? >> they love to stay for the weekend, they're going to put to sea. >> reporter: reporting live downtown back to you on tv hill. >> all right. thank you. thanks for the big boom. you know what's real
6:25 am
interesting, it's safer to have a ship and anchor or out in the ocean than it is to be at a dock or tied up to a port. >> makes sense when you think about of it. it is counter intuitive. that's how it works that's our live shot location. you think we woke anybody up? >> yep. >> do you think they woke anybody up? >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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as we click over 6:28 yet to come. >> a web of drugs and violence standing overseas how prosecutors say three marylanders are behind it all. that story is just ahead. u.s. forces officially kick off operation new dawn today in iraq. details coming up. speeds are starting to slow on the beltway coming up we'll tell you where your congestion is and how long it will take you to get through it. that's in just a few. clear skies hot today, 96 is a high. we continue to track what is double lead, besides the heat we're dealing with earl. quite the hurricane right now. i'll close come to your neighborhood i'll have those details craig morgan joins us.
6:29 am
how you can hang with them. you stay tuned we'll explain it all as morning edition continues right after this. ,,,,
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hello again. wjz traffic control has sharon, marty has earl and fiona to talk about. >> we'll get to earl and fiona shortly. what we have to talk about 53rd day of taking a look at temperatures for 93 degrees. 92 at lunch. 94 degrees and steamy this day. 94 don, take it away. >> some minor problems out. sharon at wjz traffic control. >> some minor delays and few other minor issues one of which downed wires that are blocking lanes blocked between stockton road and glen bury court. we also still have that
6:33 am
disabled vehicle in bell air on 543 at root 22. there's a look at your drive times and speeds on the beltway west side starting to slope to 47 miles an hour on the outer loop between 795 and 95 with 13 minute drive time. there's a live look at 95. traffic is building on the west side as we mentioned we do have delays we're starting to see brake lights. everything is still at full speed at 95 on 395. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota dealer. toyota buy right the first time. toyota moving forward, back over to you. at the top of the news multimillion dollars drug ring spanning nearly a decade has been busted according to police and three people are behind bars. good morning once again andrea. >> reporter: prosecutors say this drug ring was profitable it was also violent including
6:34 am
ran some payments a murder and even a shooting at backyard barbecue. a heroin ring stretching from maryland to new york all the way to the dominican republic. at the center prosecutors say is this man 26-year-old steven blackwell of elk ton. >> this was a case involving a lengthy covert investigation. >> reporter: blackwell was indicted along with two others in connection with running that ring. 34-year-old carter of and 24- year-old joy eddie son. their drug operation stretches back seven years. >> i can't give you all the details of what led to the arrest it was result of under cover investigation. >> reporter: six agencies were called in to put the arrest together. one of the first known instances of violence happened in april 2008 when prosecutors say rival dealers abducted
6:35 am
blackwell's two young brothers from their home. blackwell apparently paid half million dollars to free them. he's then accused to retaliating with a fatal shooting in east baltimore then a year later gunmen opened fire at backyard barbecue nearby injuring 12 people including blackwell, a pregnant woman and a child. authorities want to seize $10 million in assets which include $740,000 home blackwell owns on the elk river. >> the goal is to make sure the drug dealers are not able to profit here. >> reporter: don, back to you. >> thank you very much andrea. he was arrested a week ago in new york and remains in custody there. he has yet to hire or name an attorney. prime time address from the attorney announcing new dawn in iraq. three u.s. soldiers were laid to rest at arlington national
6:36 am
cemetery. it is scenes like this one the president says he wants to stop and step 1 is pulling combat troops out of iraq. here is more with wjz. >> reporter: u.s. combat operations may have come to an end, but the war in iraq isn't over. >> i can't tell my soldiers you're not combat armed soldier. that's offense. we're still out here doing what we did before. >> reporter: roughly 50,000 american forces began operation new dawn. their mission advising and supporting iraqi security forces over the next year. >> they've got to be successful. the next 90 days will tell the security forces have been successful and trained well. >> reporter: this morning robert gates arrived in iraq joining vice president biden who's been in the country all week pushing political leaders to form a new government. president obama urged iraqi leaders to to come to an agreement during his prime time address from the oval office
6:37 am
last night. >> i encourage them to move forward with a sense of urgency, to form a government that is just representative and accountable to the iraqi people. >> reporter: even when it takes shape, president obama promised the u.s. wouldn't just walk away. >> our combat mission is ending. but our commitment to iraq's future is not. >> reporter: that commitment has come with a heavy price, nearly drill dollars spent at more than 144,000 lives lost. >> it puts timber of civilian lives lost at around 150,000. the two men detained in amsterdam with suspicious luggage will be released because the u.s. officials says there was no terrorists threat. it turns out the two men arrested didn't know each other. it was the airline who changed their flights at the last minute and put them together. the cell phone taped together was going to give them as gifts
6:38 am
and tape them together so they wouldn't rattle around separately in his luggage. actress michael douglas appeared on david letterman show last night and talked about his stage 4 throat cancer. >> did they find it early enough for their liking. >> i sure hope so. >> did you at any point in your life for any period of time smoke cigarettes. >> i smoked cigarettes and i drank. in this particular type of cancer is caused by alcohol and drinking. >> douglas says he just finished his first week of chemotherapy. he says his doctors are telling him his prognosis is good and he may not need surgery. turning to sports last night's game at orioles park. his 26th home run of the season. he also finished the night with two r.b.i. and another run score as the orioles win 5-2. they finish august with record of 17 wins
6:39 am
11 losses the best in the american league. it will be big surprise for thurgood marshall, orioles infielder brian roberts are trading place where is southwest airlines employees. they'll be making gate announcements to welcome passengers to baltimore. southwest is big sponsor of the orioles. >> you know, if you look at any of the social networking sites, there's a whole thread going on among baltimoreians to take off on wwjd, wwbd. what would bug do. >> show walter. >> what would buck, nod bud. big. >> big difference. >> phd to nursey school. >> my lips spoke before my brain thought. coming up with craig morgan is going to join us. he's pretty popular.
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here is a way you can hang with him. it's a story he'll explain to you. it's a nice gentle sit down. more importantly we've got wjz traffic control. we have the latest information on hurricane earl tropical storm fiona and the impact on the mid atlantic. we have the 5:00 update that has a bit of a change in it for you. and i'll explain that to you when we come back right after this. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate,
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♪ storyteller: hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon. then quickly fell back to earth,
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landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily, geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow, because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. good morning we've got a lot to talk about. 69 right now. it's getting more humid. the dew point is 67. barometer yesterday was at 30.20 now it's 30.07 high
6:44 am
pressure that eat giving us these heat wave hot conditions is starting to break down. that will play into hurricane earl. we'll explain that in a second. low 60s cumberland. 70 hagerstown. 76 in d. c. 69 west minister and columbia still 74 in kent island. 70 in rock hall. we've been looking at this kiss stall clear picture for the past how many days. now we start to notice the upper left-hand side of your screen, that's the leading edge of cold front moving our way. as the high breaks down it's going to allow this front to move east. it's going to settle north, but bigger picture, it will be close enough to start exert influence on earl. now, with high breaks down we'll start to lose this heat but not today, 96 high to 53rd day this year above 90. tonight clear 64. tomorrow we tie the record of days above 90 with a high of
6:45 am
92. record goes back to 1988. now, because earl may be staying a little bit slightly further east and we'll talk specifically about that in a second, we may have a split forecast for the state. baltimore may be partly sunny and 92 on friday. that will set the new record. i think friday is question mark because of earl. saturday, sunday, monday, no matter what happens it's going to be sunny. temperatures move to normal. poor air quality today, yeah, what i want to direct your attention to, well we have hurricane watch in effect. state of virginia put one out from their border with north carolina. 5:00 earl was downgraded to category 3 storm with winds of 127. why are we still showing a 4. the computer is thinking it will intensify back to 4 by 11:00 observation. i want you to note between friday morning and friday night.
6:46 am
we're a little bit more offshore here. that is because -- as you get closer to the event you start to narrow down that movement. this is called a spaghetti model. it takes every one of the computer models and puts them on one display you can see if there's really any trends. the trend right now he stay little bit offshore. he is earl. here is fiona. here is the big problem. once earl passes and fiona moves north they're both going to be up here. imagine the swells are going to heat atlantic coast. we know it swells rip currents did to ocean city last weekend. this can another scenario as we move toward labor day. you may have some real rough surf conditions because of earl and tropical storm. don, take it away straight to sharon. >> good morning everyone. not nearly as busy on the road. it's taken two hours to pick up
6:47 am
our first accident. it's in baltimore county at route 30. meantime we have those downed wires. there's a look at your drive times and your speeds on the beltway starting to see minor delays on the topside outer loop 52 miles per hour between 95 and 83. the west side slower at 44 miles per hour it's a 14 minute drive and 95. there's a look at 95 everything still looking pretty good there. looks like the southbound lane coming towards us. there's a live look at that west side delay at old court road and a look at beltway at 295, no problems there. traffic report brought to you by toyota dealer. toyota buy right the first time you'll save in the long run. the satellite tourist provided by cracker barrel. ladies and gentlemen, craig morgan welcome. he drives.
6:48 am
how are you doing now? >> i'm good. >> what is johnson motors? >> did you get a card for that? >> no, but i should have. >> all right. i just want -- look i didn't know if it was, you know, one of your buds that had a lot in nashville. >> yeah, that's what it is. >> it's an outboard. >> there you go. >> just kind of wave when you go by. >> it don't matter what the boat looks like if you've got a good motor. >> can i tell you, isn't that the truth what makes it look good, you can go by, if you had a big johnson sitting out there, the guy is stepping bet he even using -- >> that's exactly right. >> you pop the hood got a lot of chrome and big engine everybody is like wow that's
6:49 am
bad. >> hey, listen, let's talk for a second, you got this pretty cool contest it's going to take place right where we are down in d. c. tell the folks about it. >> well, i would, but i don't know anything about it. >> we found out -- >> i'm kidding. >> oh, okay. >> craig, you had me. you have no idea. that happened to us once before, go ahead and tell the story, i'll tell you who it was, that actually happened. we had to make an edit on the air it was unbelievable. go ahead and tell us about it. >> we're coming in for a show. i honestly -- i don't look. i do know about them when they're presented to them. my management or booking agent will call. any time we can come out in that area, i have a lot of friends out there. we're looking forward to getting out there. that's a cool thing. >> we've got a new disk out, collector's edition. that's a body of work. >> we're excited about this.
6:50 am
i'm excited because i finally have a record with cracker barrel. i've been going there for a long time. i've been telling them i had a relationship with them they just didn't know it. i always eat there. i tell them my wife is not a bad cook but she can't do chicken and dimplings like they do. i decide today have this records edition. >> the difference is they have three additional songs on there. >> it's something a lot of artist are doing. we had winona talking about the same thing. >> did you? >> yeah. >> you can ask your wife to make chicken and dimplings, when she left you she'd take your dog. >> look at you making fun of my country. >> did you ever read any lewis grisard. he was great humorous road for atlanta constitution atlanta
6:51 am
journal had. she hates you when she takes the dog and the couch. >> you know, i knew there was something. i know i haven't read that. but if mine leaves me, she will not get the dog. >> you know, i've got -- hey, listen we just became writing partners. if she leaves me she will not get the dog. there's a line -- that's a line to a song. i'll guarantee going into a course. >> i've got it half written since we've started to talk. >> what else is up? are you working on your next disk? >> oh, yeah, just in the studio. just finished all my vocals on a new project. got the tv show on the outdoor channel that we're working on all the time. the new cracker barrel album, like i said, i'm most excited about that than anything. >> it's really neat to see a guy who started working out at
6:52 am
the clubs having beer bottles thrown through chicken wire, see you sitting here with a tv show. you're a good man. you've worked hard for it. >> craig moore, here is crackle barrel website. here it is. craig morton and that is why the collector's edition. see you guys. >> i'm trying to remember who the heck it was -- >> the other guy. >> yeah, it was a big star. it was a big star. but i can't remember who the heck it was. >> i can see him, but i don't get a name. >> it was one of those deals it was like, gosh maybe we'll be able to think about it after the break. >> the contest was the only reason we had the guy on. >> that's the most incredible thing the right. and i said don't worry about we'll do one and we made an edit and the guy was thinking we were pros. i've got to remember this one.
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we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] new real fruit smoothies from mccafé are real fruit,
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as in strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and bananas, which makes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪ it is going to be a hot one. 96 is high. the record is 99. a lot of us get to 99 or 100. 96 the forecast high hot and humid temps now in the low 70s. now, wjztv traffic control good morning sharon. >> it's been a pretty good
6:56 am
morning on the road. we're following two accidents right now. the latest one in columbia. oh columbia or gateway drive at robert fulton drive. meantime another accident root 30. and you're looking at down wires on old york road between stockton road and glen berry. that' blocking all lanes. here is a look at your drive times and your speed. the west side is the slowest spot 795 to 9540 miles per hour is your average with 16 minute drive time. there's a look at 95 southbound lanes a little bit sluggish there coming in from the beltway down to 895 there's a look at topside of harper road. that's the outer loop at the left. this report is brought to you by the cochran firm. back over to you. >> thank you very much. >> tae with wjz news station. complete news traffic and hurricane earl is on the move
6:57 am
hurricane earl is on the move residents south of here are ,,,,
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